How To Organize Your Paperwork — House & Home — Organization

Gather Your Paperwork

Create Space and Sort

Categorize Your Paperwork

Tips for Organizing Paperwork

  • Be realistic about your time. This may take a while, so plan it out. You may need to take more than a day to sort and organize your paperwork if you have a lot to go through. Maybe take one day to gather all the papers and sort on another day. Then do the final organizing when you have more time. Take your time so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up.
  • Consider an archive box for older papers you are unsure if you need to hold on to. File it away in a closet for later. Google is good at helping you know if you need those papers!
  • Once papers enter your home, file them immediately or put them into an “action” tray. For example, place bills in the tray and once you have paid them place any receipts in the proper filing folder.
  • If you don’t have the space or hate hanging on to papers, scan them and save them to a hard drive, then shred all the papers. Of course you should use your best judgment with this system because some companies require the original copy of the paperwork, not a scanned copy.

Organizing Your Paperwork in the Future




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Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller

Frugal living lifestyle blogger at

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